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All selected short films are in a specific competition category. Our selection screens a wide-ranging representation of the best of short films dealing with social issues. 

Here a curious audience can discover films that offer friction and provide material for discussion, with a comprehensive programme of contemporary films exploring the lives and worlds. The Social Short FIlm Fest is simultaneously a home for outspoken young audiences and open-minded adults. 

The main goal here is to make people think and discuss about the issues the short films are exploring and recognize the short film which represents them better. As a film event with a social-oriented subjects, most of the awards are given by the audience.



Best Short Film
 Jury Prize 

Best Fiction Short Film

 Audience Award 

Best Documentary Short Film

 Audience Award 

Best Animation Short Film

 Audience Award 

Best Student Short Film

 Audience Award 

The event organizers can reward a short film with a special prize if they find it interesting in a particular way.

The award winning films list will be published as soon as the results are verified in the end of the festival.

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